Male Potency & Ejaculation

How Do I Make Myself Cum More

The penis has long been a source of extensive discussions. The world over has associated the penis with strength, success, domination and masculinity. It is shocking however with all the fuss over the size of the penis and the ability of an individual to retain a harder erection, that little focus is made about the orgasm. The orgasm is ultimately the final stage of all the talk and fascination with the penis.

This may explain why the focus of many discussions has moved from size of the penis to ejaculation. Men are thinking more directly about how ejaculation effects their sex lives overall. They are concentrating on understanding their own orgasm and how it relates to the quantity they ejaculate and the power behind their ejaculation.

Facts About Ejaculation

And how does ejaculation figure into a man’s pleasure? In order to understand what a healthy amount of ejaculate is, we need to look more closely at the anatomy of the male orgasm.

When you experience sexual pleasure, the ejaculatory ducts fill with semen. When sexual stimulation is at its zenith, men experience an orgasm, wherein the PC muscle, the rectum, perinuem, and anal sphincter contract and relax in rhythm, as well as the penile muscles and ejaculatory ducts, all serving to facilitate the male orgasm. These muscles play a vital part in projecting the semen into its target. Starting out, every second or so, the man experiences several intense, rapid contractions. While the orgasm goes on, it starts to get less and less intense, a longer period of time happening between contractions.

How Do I Make Myself Cum More

The volume of ejaculate a man can produce will depend on a variety of elements, including a man’s age, frequency of sexual activity, their general health and diet, and heredity. Male ejaculate’s main element is sperm, and looking at the composition of ejaculate reads like a list of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids: Vitamin B12, C, calcium, chlorine, choline, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, creatine, glutathione, hyaluronidase, nitrogen, potassium, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid and sodium. It even contains cholesterol, fructose, inositol, and sorbitol, most likely from the foods we eat. All of these elements are present in ejaculate but make up only a small percentage of the total volume of the ejaculate. Ejaculate is created mostly from fluids which are generated by the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.

Depending on general health and diet, the flavor of one’s semen varies from person to person. This can be sweet or salty, bitter or almost flavorless. It is also known to create a numbing sensation on the tongue or lips. This flavor can be altered by the ejaculator, based on information from various doctors and internet sources.

How Do I Make Myself Cum More

When ejaculate is healthy, it will look white, grey, or translucently white. Men with vasectomies will experience semen that is more translucent, as there will not be as many sperm in the ejaculate. Despite the fact many textures and looks can be considered healthy, the healthiest men will have very dense, ivory white semen, and a lot of it.

Factors That Impact Ejaculatory Volume

When should a man be concerned with their ejaculate? When a male finds that the volume of the ejaculate suddenly diminishes, there is a possibility that one of the ducts used for ejaculation has been blocked. To confirm this symptom an ultrasound of the prostate is used. Chronic prostatitis or infection can also cause a drop in ejaculatory volume, as well as retrograde ejaculation. As men age their volume can also decrease, it does not mean the virility has been lost.

It may be a good idea to get your semen tested at a physician’s clinic if there are any worries over the appearance, consistency and levels being ejaculated. A typical test involves the gauging of pH levels, agglutination, debris, morphology, volume, the number of leukoctyes and finding out how many immature germ cells there are. This is generally done in a time period of one week, and during this time, the man remains abstinent so that their doctor can gather a proper semen sampling. It is likely that the doctor will want to do some testing to exclude the possibility of chlamydia, urinary infection and gonorrhea.

How Do I Make Myself Cum More

Even though these tests will usually offer results that are within an “ordinary” range, it is possible that men will still not be happy with their fertility, ejaculation volume or their orgasm’s contraction strength. For these and others who just want that extra boost of pleasure and confidence in their lives, there is a natural supplement called Semenax™ that can help immensely.

Men who use Semenax(TM) on a regular basis have reported an incredible 500% increase in ejaculate volume. Moreover, the sperm produced as a result of using this product increase in quantity and are stronger and a lot more active. Also, the body becomes more efficient in its ability to produce sperm.

How Increasing the Amount of Ejaculate Benefits a Man

First and foremost, you are going to have a stronger, more powerful orgasm. With an increase in your healthy sperm, you are going to produce ejaculate that is larger and sure to impress, as well.

The more semen that you have, the more contractions it will take to get it all out, and you will experience greater pleasure with each contraction you go through in orgasm. Despite the fact that most men experience orgasm very quickly, the duration of time can be lengthened and intensified.

How Do I Make Myself Cum More

When men are considering a baby they can become very focused on their potency and fertility. Semenax can help men struggling with an issue of infertility.

Last but not least, a man’s confidence gets a tremendous boost when his ejaculations are powerful and voluminous. Yes, romance is definitely an important aspect of a man’s success as a sexual partner, but the confidence he has in his sexual prowess is transferred to all areas of his life.

What does this do to make your semen more voluminous?

Semenax™ contains a variety of volume maximizers, all natural ingredients which produce various results in the male body. Semenax™ can help boost the volume of your ejaculate safely and naturally, offering you a variety of benefits.

Semenax™ was developed by a group of health professionals to improve every aspect of sexual function and enjoyment for men. The focus is on volume boosting, because of its many related benefits. Formulated of natural ingredients with centuries of anecdotal proof in many cultures worldwide, the Semenax™ product contains botanicals and natural ingredients to tonify and support the ejaculatory ducts, epididymis, testes, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vas deferens — that is, every part of the male reproductive system.

How Do I Make Myself Cum More

Semenax is made in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility, which permits you to feel secure in buying it, as you know that it is researched and tested thoroughly. This product has L-arginine, L-lysine, L-carnitine, and other such amino acids with work to increase your testosterone levels and therefore create better sperm. Catuaba bark, epimedium sagitattum, maca, and other organic components also help you to increase your overall health and become more well-nourished, which also helps your potency and sex drive.

Semenax™ has a one of a kind, unique formulation. Don’t accept substitutes. Compare it with other ejaculate volume products out there to see if it has been made at a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility and be sure to find out how the product was formulated and tested, plus the required dosage.

How Do I Make Myself Cum More